Meet me by the lakeside

February 4, 2009

So, another meeting, this time we’ve been formalising the structure of Nottingham Presents and deciding on a path forward. We’re still not sure if we’ve got funding, but we’ve all got our fingers crossed as this could really be a great thing for the City if we get the green light. 

Meeting at the Lakeside Arts Centre

Meeting at the Lakeside Arts Centre

The website is up, and we’re getting a few hits, but we’ve not advertised it yet. One of the things we discussed at the meeting was the detail surrounding who’ll be posting here, and what about, so stay tuned as things will be picking up a bit soon. 

We’ve got a Flickr page, and a YouTube page, I’ll be linking to those in the sidebar once we have some content, and we’ll be creating a Google Maps feed with all sorts of exiting venues and events in it…

See you all soon.

Rob Williams

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