Brands and Briefs

June 16, 2009

We – in alphabetical order – Jonathan (Royal Centre), Lynn (Nottingham Contemporary), Pat (Nottingham BID), Rob (National Ice Centre and Nottingham Arena), Stephanie (Nottinham Playhouse), Tim (Galleries of Justice and City of Caves) – and me (Lakeside Arts Centre) – gathered at 5pm in the back room of CAST at The Playhouse and the next 2 hours sped by in lively discussion. Rob is currently completing the draft for the technical brief, but he gave us an overview of how we might expect the web version of our information to work. We all love the very exciting idea of a truly dynamic non-linear website where the end-user is the one driving what appears on the page, but also began to understand the importance of how we tag each entry so that our key messages about the cultural offer across Nottingham really come to the fore.

Jonathan is working in a sub-group on the brand, and due to deliver the first ideas for the finished work soon at presentation to the Steering Group. We talked about what it would be called, and agreed that we’d prefer something abstract. Let’s face it “Nottingham Cultural Marketing Initiative” doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue!

We’re all thinking about our Communications Strategy, and have resolved to do a first phase local and regional launch in July to tie in with some very exciting cultural offers in the city at that time. But we also have come up with some nice ideas to get our audiences involved in the process – so look out for ‘ideas trees’ springing up in venues over the summer months…

Finally, we started talking about itineraries for visitors, linking up the restaurant/cafe/bar offer with our cultural offers. This needs more thinking, and we’ve agreed to follow up on this at the next meeting.
So, that’s it for now, but watch this space for more updates



Meet me by the lakeside

February 4, 2009

So, another meeting, this time we’ve been formalising the structure of Nottingham Presents and deciding on a path forward. We’re still not sure if we’ve got funding, but we’ve all got our fingers crossed as this could really be a great thing for the City if we get the green light. 

Meeting at the Lakeside Arts Centre

Meeting at the Lakeside Arts Centre

The website is up, and we’re getting a few hits, but we’ve not advertised it yet. One of the things we discussed at the meeting was the detail surrounding who’ll be posting here, and what about, so stay tuned as things will be picking up a bit soon. 

We’ve got a Flickr page, and a YouTube page, I’ll be linking to those in the sidebar once we have some content, and we’ll be creating a Google Maps feed with all sorts of exiting venues and events in it…

See you all soon.

Rob Williams

Nottingham Presents…

First Post!

January 15, 2009

Not the most imaginative or inspiring title for what will hopefully become a rather imaginative and inspiring collection of posts, but humble beginnings and all that!

Meeting at the quad in Derby, Shona, Andrew, DK and Rob

Meeting at the quad in Derby, Shona, Andrew, DK and Rob

So today we had a meeting,  Shona, Myself and Andrew, with DK from Mediasnackers, who is an extremely inspirational geek! and I use the word as a compliment.

We talked WordPress and Youtube and Flickr, we talked community and RSS, we talked blogging and buzz, and we ate cake, well I did.

What’s all this about, well stay tuned, more to come.

I’m registering some domains and setting up youtube and flickr accounts soon, but it all begins somewhere, and for now, it all begins here.

Rob Williams

Nottingham Presents…